Photo Gallery - Field Day '97

40 Meters Station (& VHF Packet) Ken Wise KE6QNK

30 Meters Station (Solar Powered) - Rich Holoch KY6R

20 Meters - Rick Thompson N6SPP

15 Meter YAGI station by J C Smith KOHPS

10 Meters Station - Jerry Gardner W6UV

6 Meters (Antennas Change between YAGI and RINGO) Jon Schwartz KB6SJT

2 Meters (Amateur TV) - John Lytle KE6ZMP, Robert Capps KE6EKG, Rich Holoch KY6R.

70 cm (440) - Cal Groom KE6OEH

MDARC members along side one of Mt Diablos many commercial Antennas

A view of the new and improved tower that houses some of the key MDARC repeaters.

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