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Monitor Station - V K 2 X O C

Please only request the following station data if you currently hold a valid HAM license. Even better - add a quick note to my Guestbook prior to requesting the live data. (If you don't know what a "HAM" is then this would be a fantastic time to hit the "backup" button). You should be aware that this web server knows who you are!

Please note that the station data request will be fetched live "over the air" on 2m or 70cm at power ratings up to 35 watts. So, assuming that all licenses are up to snuff, please select the data type you wish to fetch from the vk2xoc station. A list of all AX25 callsigns seen by station vk2xoc.ampr.org (AX25 heard data) or a list of all IP addresses seen by station vk2xoc.ampr.org (IP heard data) . (Don't be too surprised if it times out or responds with no data.) There are an amazing number of things that need to co-operate just right in order for my live data request to work. The Internet as a whole is but one - the ampr.org extensions to the net is but another.

In addition to the above, you can request a list of all the status types available from station vk2xoc.ampr.org. Once you request the list you will be given the option to enter the query type directly.

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Last Updated: Saturday, February 10, 1996

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